For a better experience please change your browser to CHROME, FIREFOX, OPERA or Internet Explorer. started as an idea about two years ago, after a bad experience, perhaps the worst for a professional. The loss of my equipment, which felt even worse, as it was a case of theft!

After spending hours on posts, phonecalls and going through a generally nerve-wracking experience, I was finally one of the least fortunate to get my equipment back.

What I saw the moment I got my bag back was all its content packed in separate small plastic bags, prepared for sale in Greece or even abroad, mainly in the Balkan countries. I discovered that later during a discussion with the Authorities.

Since then reports of theft or loss of equipment have multiple times come to my attention, in a couple of cases even of colleagues and friends. Then the idea of creating a community, in which members would register their products was slowly born.

The purpose of this community is to enable every user to register their equipment and in case they find themselves in the uncomfortable position that I found myself, to ”mark” the lost/stolen object, so the process of resale becomes much more difficult. But most importantly, in case the lost item is found, this community enables the legal owner to be identified and eases the contact between them and the one who found the item.

Registering your equipment and entering the is very simple.

  • Take a photo of the item you wish to register. Photos must be close, not blurry or shaky, and at least one of them must show the serial number clearly and easily read.
  • Click on the entry button and fill in the details of your equipment (serial number, type of product, brand, model, and upload the photos you took earlier. You can also add a description with any signs that will help in identifying it, or some videos you might have with the equipment from Youtube). If you have not created a profile yet, at this time you will need to do so by adding your contact details and e-mail.
  • Then to activate your registration, you have to pay the total amount of 6,50€ with one of the payment methods listed. You have a 7-day limit after the process so that the team approves the post with your registration of equipment. After 7 days pass you will have to do the process from the beginning.
  • The support team, after confirming the registration and the correct entry within 2 days of the confirmation of payment, adds the item to the community database. (In case of bank deposit due to delays observed activation may take longer).
  • If ever needed, due to loss or theft of the equipment, you enter into your profile and mark the object or objects by changing the status to “Lost”. When you find your equipment, you mark it again as “Found” so that the announcement is deleted.
  • You can also create a loss announcement with details of how, where and when the equipment was lost. This announcement will be posted on our website and in the various social media groups we support.
  • From then on, anyone who, unknowingly, tries to buy the item can check it by doing a simple search with the serial number. If the object continues to be marked then they can contact the owner directly via e-mail.

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