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Security Tips For Theft, Robbery, Loss Of Photographic Equipment

Security Tips For Theft, Robbery, Loss Of Photographic Equipment

Your photographic equipment can very easily fall into the hands of robbers because of its value. Here are some tips on securing your equipment from potential thieves or robbers. Working as a photographer requires constant movement and you must not forget to constantly keep an eye on your equipment. Even when you believe to be in a safe environment, never be complacent.

  1. Always carry your equipment if possible on you, in your backpack or fasten its straps on your arm / neck.
  2. If it is not possible to carry all the equipment on you, a great solution would be to have someone you trust watch over it.
  3. If you are on your own you should keep direct eye contact with the equipment and depending on how crowded the place is as well as the place itself, your distance from the equipment should not exceed 5-7 meters.
  4. When you are sitting in a common area such as a cafeteria, the equipment should not be on the back of your chair. The best solution is sitting against a wall for instance. Otherwise fasten the strap of the bag on the handle or foot of the chair you are sitting on.
  5. If you are in a public space and have your equipment on the table, do not move away from it. If you have to leave for a while and you can not take it with you, e.g. WC, ask the store manager (not the waiter, who can not constantly pay attention to it due to  their post) to watch it.
  6. In case of loss or theft you must notify the police (call 112 if you are in Europe for instance). 

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