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Security Tips For Theft, Robbery, Loss of Mobile Phones

Security Tips For Theft, Robbery, Loss of Mobile Phones

Mobile phone theft is one of the most common theft cases. Here are some important tips on securing your mobile from potential thieves. Apart from the practical advice one can think of, the main thing is not to trust strangers who ask for access to your mobile phone. Keep your mobile hidden in your pocket or bag when you are not using it.

● Keep your phone locked with a lock code or PIN when you are not using it.

● Do not use your mobile phone when you are in places that you feel unsafe.

● Try to keep your mobile as unseen as possible when you have it with you or when you use it on the street.

● Put your mobile phone in a safe pocket when you are at a bus stop, in transportation, in department stores, malls, playgrounds, entertainment venues and generally in crowded areas.

● Do not leave your mobile unattended when you are in a cafeteria, in entertainment venues and other busy places. Do not get into the sea, leaving your mobile phone (and any other items) on the beach without supervision.

● At home, do not leave your mobile phone neither close to open windows nor on tables in the yard, near the street.

● Do not leave your mobile phone unattended in the car. In case you have to leave it in the car, place it in a spot where it will not be visible.

● Write down the IMEI number of your device and keep it in a safe place. Each mobile phone has a 15-digit IMEI number, which is unique and identifies the device. You can see this number on your phone screen by typing * # 06 # (Star-Hash mark-Zero-Six-Hash mark).

● Write down your device’s serial number, which appears usually where the IMEI number is also displayed.

● Inform the mobile service provider in writing for the theft to prohibit the reception and / or provision of any electronic communications service from your device.

● Create a mark on your device to make identification easier in case of theft. A picture of the mobile could also be useful for the identification if it is found. (You can mark your mobile with a marker or a sharp object. There are also special pens with UV rays, which are invisible to the naked eye – only when illuminated is the mark showing).

● Do not easily pass your mobile phone to a stranger who has asked you to make an “emergency call” without investigating and assuring that there really is such a need.

● Do not trust strangers who will ask to see your mobile to see if it’s what they ‘lost’ or to look at the model or use any other similar excuse.

● In the event of a threat with any weapon, do not risk your life or physical integrity to keep your mobile phone in your possession.

● Read carefully and apply the security advice of your mobile phone supplier.

● Inform immediately the service provider in the event of theft or loss of the mobile phone.

● Report the illegal removal of your mobile phone to the police (call 112 if you are in Europe for instance).

Source: Hellenic Police


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