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  • What does snr-community mean and what is the purpose of its creation?

    Initial SNRs mean Serial Number Registration Community. The purpose of its creation is exactly what its name means. The existence of a community where the s/n of equipments of those who decide to participate in it, will be registered, so that they can be grouped into a database. What is the reason for this database? An attempt to recover lost or stolen equipment that otherwise may lead to extra costs, stress, and all the resulting problems of lost equipment.

  • Why register your equipment before lost?

    The first hours after the loss or theft of the equipment are the most critical before the equipment is resold. All the owner has to do is enter their profile and change the status of their equipment to LOST, as well as make a description of the event and the place it occured. However, if the owner wishes to join the community after the loss, it will cost them valuable time, as by the time their entry is approved after a couple of days, photos will also be required to certify the equipment plus a copy of the statement of loss from the Authorities. Throughout this time, the chances of finding the equipment will have been greatly reduced since it may have already been sold.

  • How much does it cost to secure your equipment at

    The cost of securing the equipment is negligible in relation to its value, as well as its possible replacement after sudden loss/theft. These costs have been calculated to cover the costs of the platform as well as its management.

  • Who is involved in the community?

    Thousands of photographers, cameramen such as people engaged in similar professions, amateurs but also professionals, as well as many companies engaged in the purchase and sale of equipment

  • My equipment is used/old and does not cost as much as i bought it, is it worth joining has been created to help all those who have lost or have fallen victims to theft of their equipment. For the owner of the equipment this will result great expenses for buying a new one or even loss of sentimental value items.

  • How do you know that the person who registered the equipment is the legal owner?

    As a legal owner, you should have some proof of purchase or the box of equipment, so that in case it comes to your notice that your equipment has been registered by someone else, you can claim it. In any case, the best solution is to register your equipment as soon as possible.

  • What should you do in case you decide to sell your equipment?

    In order to avoid a double entry the process is the following; The seller has to remove from their profile the equipment they sold and then the buyer has to add it to their own, making the process from the beginning.

What should you do as soon as you find out your equipment is lost?

  1. As soon as you discover the loss of your equipment, enter into your profile and mark as "lost" any item lost or stolen.
  2. Inform the competent Authorities as soon as possible and report the incident.
  3. Add to every "lost" object an event announcement with date/time/location and description in as much detail as you can.

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